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Blue Eyes Cry band from Australia, interview

Okay, we’re at the half way mark of my 12 on 12 part series. I just adore Blue Eyes Cry. From the first time I heard their May 2013 debut release, Sleepin’ Alone up until this new release, Pull Me In, Blue Eyes Cry have elevated themselves to a premier Australian band and most certainly one of my very favorites. Their debut release, Sleepin’ Alone saw two consecutive months at number one in the Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Chart, and continued to appear in the chart’s Top 25 for the next 12 months. Following this, the band was awarded two prestigious Chain Awards in 2014 for New Talent of the Year and Song of the Year. Lead singer, Iseula Hingano, was awarded Female Artist of the Year in the 2013 Victorian and Tasmanian Blues Music Awards as well the band was awarded an Honourable Mention in the 2013 International Song Writing Competition. This is a band to contend with in Australia and around the world. Iseula’s vocals and her bands rhythm section is chock full of blues, funk and soul. They consist of Iseula Hingano on vocals and backing vocals, Nathan Brett on electric and rhythm guitar, Stuart Prendergast on bass and Cameron Smith on drums. I really can’t say enough about Blue Eyes Cry other than to tell you that if you haven’t heard them, you are really missing out, go get their music, you won’t be sorry! I spoke to the band’s amazing vocalist Iseula Hingano and this is what she wants the fans to know! This interview took place with the bands lead vocalist, Iseula Hingano and this is what she wants her fans to know (and not know lol…)

1. Has this project changed the way you work?
A. Yes, with every recording project you learn something new, I don’t think its changed me but it has given me ideas on how I would like to do the next one!

2. Talk about your voice as an instrument.
A. I don’t like too much effect. I like people to hear my voice on record as what you would hear live. I have always been influenced by male vocalist and vocalists that have presence and power.

3. How did you feel after writing Outta Luck?
A. I wrote this song about my father who has struggled with a gambling addiction most of his life, anyone that knows anyone with an addiction understands that it effects all those around them.

4. What was your most memorable gig and why?
A. There is too many to name! Probably “Blues on Broadbeach Festival 2013. We had just released our first album and were on our very first tour, so we were very excited!

5. Tell us the last few shows you went to see.
A. The last show I saw was Lee Ritenour at a new jazz club in Melbourne, a week before that was Lucky Peterson. I’m very lucky to live in a city where these great artists tour.

6. What is your songwriting process? I see you co-wrote eight of the ten songs on Pull It In with your guitar player.
A. No real process. If I have ideas come to me, melodies or lyrics, I usually record or write them in my phone if I’m out and about. When I get home and have the night free, I usually lock myself in my music room and go through them, sometimes coming up with something completely different.

7. If worldwide fame was to come along but the price was performing another genre, what genre would it be?
A. If I wasn’t in the blues scene it would probably be soul.

8. What artists or bands get your heart a flutterin’
A. There are way too many to name! I would need to write about 10 pages! Maybe I will name some of the people I have been listening to in the last couple of weeks that I’m loving-Gregory Porter, Lucky Peterson, Tad Benoit, The Wood Brothers, Seth Walker, Fo’Reel and Harrison Kennedy.

9. What was your first musical experience that moved you enough to take action and become a musician as opposed to a fan?
A. Probably the first time I sang solo in front of a large audience. I would have been maybe 10 years old, the feeling I got from that was amazing, I knew I wanted to keep performing.

10.Who first told you that you were “good enough”.
A. My Mum!

11. What’s the best and worst advice you ever received regarding pursuing a musical career?
A. Best-be yourself. Worst-Have a back up plan.

12. Tell us something about yourself that has never been printed about you before.
A. Hahaha, I don’t know! I’m keeping the mystery!

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Photo by: Stephen Von Der Borch


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