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Blues-E-News (aka. BEN) was started by our Executive Editor Wayne Rinehart from what started out as a blog to network with other musicians back in 2008. Wayne aka Big Wayne was looking to network and market his band and other bands in California in an effort to unite the local music scene. From this effort it was discovered that great bands were struggling to find press and recognition outside of Chicago and the Delta Blues scene of the south. Quickly what started off as an effort to market and unite the local music scene turned into a press, PR and album review of great bands deserving the help and being overlooked by main stream media. That blog turned into a newsletter and eventually Big Wayne asked other bloggers to contribute articles and what came next was the forming of a magazine in late 2011 with our first issue January 2012.
Since the forming of what is now the finest blues publication in print, (seriously its beautiful) Blues-E-News has some major historic relevance outside of Keeping the Blues alive. BEN was the first Blues publication to have a Flash INTERACTIVE magazine on line, the first to offer it for free, and the first to embed video and content right onto the digital magazine pages. Additionally with the rise of technology BEN was the first magazine to use QR codes in the printed magazine to deliver Interactive content by scanning the printed magazines QR code to deliver the online content associated with the articles. Next came the latest breakthrough mobile apps! When Big Wayne started the magazine it was all based on a personal belief of “Givers Gain”, meaning instead of promoting yourself [promote your peers, your community and by doing so you not only ultimately promote yourself without ever saying a word, you help build the Blues! And this builds more opportunity for you! So when he sat down to learn how to build an app to find new blues artists, he decided to build a Blues-On-Demand radio player for everyone to use instead of just an app to read the magazine. SO with the app BEN became the first Blues Publication to be available for mobile devices and the first Blues Radio App! Yep Big Wayne became an app developer just so he could build an app to reach a new generation of the blues and unite the blues community making it easier to find new blues on the go… and Its free!!! Plus reading the magazine is also much easier through the app.
Blues-E-News eclectic writing styles and artsy format include articles from the Alternative Blues scene to the roots of muddy delta blues. Building on this foundation to support and promote live blues, and performance. But BEN is not just about the BLUES, we have articles about the History and origin of the blues, topics also covered are music education and resources, Blues and BBQ, Photography, cooking, interviews, CD reviews, lifestyle, festivals, Indie blues artists, Blues Rock, Rock, Americana, Jazz, obscure venues, humor and much more!
Written by musicians or people in the business for musicians and more importantly to promote Live Blues Music. Our writers and Photographers cover the blues scene from all over the globe.
We have Staff writers in Australia, England, Canada, Belgium, Israel, Germany, Italy, Brazil and both sides of the continental United States.
Blues-E-News is a Quarterly on line and in print magazine designed to support Live Blues music and the news and information supporting the arts and artists of Live Blues.
The printed magazine is Beautiful! It’s a high quality magazine that’s more of a coffee Table book than a magazine. It’s not a cheap throw away thin part color magazine. It’s HIGH QUALITY, that everyone who sees it, LOVES it! FULL color on thick glossy paper… EVERY PAGE! The cover is even thicker, bound and laminated (NOT stapled)! We hope you will agree it’s the finest blues publication on-line and in PRINT!

Blues-E-News your partner in blues.
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