Blues E-News Does 5 Quick Questions with Paradise Kings

By Staff Writer

Santa Barbara-based blues/swing band Paradise King’s latest independent album “Controlled Burn” has received stellar print reviews around the globe while also being featured on syndicated radio program Blues Deluxe and worldwide on American Veterans Radio. “Paradise Kings play a mojo-filled brand of old-school blues with a modern feel. These guys have a wicked-cool sense of humor in their songs, too. The story of a guy who always seems to end up on “Easy Street” is the man who says, “I’d Sing The Blues If I Had ‘Em,” set over a walking-beat groove. Here’s hoping “Controlled Burn” will bring them that richly-deserved acclaim!” (Nashville Blues Society).


The group, known for their high-energy live shows, consists of Henry Garrett on lead vocals; Jeff Gring on guitar; Michael Robertson on the bass; and George Lambert on drums.

Lambert (GL) and Gring (JG) recently did a 5 Quick Questions interview with Blues-E-News.

BEN: Hypothetically, after you become wildly successful, one member of the Paradise Kings breaks off from the group and pursues a solo career. Which member would it be?

GL: I hope we become successful. If that happens, I hope we all stay together, but to answer the question, the most obvious answer would be Henry Garrett, the singer.

JG: History predicts it would be the lead singer.

BEN: Name two or three song (requests from the audience) the Paradise Kings would never play onstage during a show?

GL: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin; and Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

JG: Chuck Berry’s My Ding a Ling, Simon and Garfunkel’s Feeling Groovy, Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight.

BEN: What would mean more to the band – winning a Grammy, or a Blues Foundation Award?


GL: Not to downplay any awards, but I think the Grammy is the Holy Grail of music awards.


JG: Winning a Grammy.


BEN: What’s the most fun to play – straight blues, swing, roots, or rock?

GL: Swing blues, like (our song) ’69 Chevy, is a blast!!!!

JG: I like it all as long as it’s up-tempo.

BEN: If the Paradise Kings could land one big endorsement deal from a music-related company, who would you want it to be from, and why?

GL: Since I’m the drummer, I’d love a deal with Yamaha. I absolutely love those drums. I play them now. I recorded Controlled Burn with my Yamaha. Sounds killer!!!

JG: As the guitar player and self-confessed gear hound, I would like it to be from Fender because I would probably wind up with some nice guitars and amplifiers.

More on the Paradise Kings: (Facebook); (website); (Reverbnation). Their CD “Controlled burn” is available for purchase at both iTunes and CD Baby.

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