Elvis Presley’s Influence Outside Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Other than his deep baritone voice perfect for blues music, Elvis Presley was known as a total performer who constantly gyrated his hips on stage in front of his...
'Elvis the Pelvis' on The Milton Berle Show. Photograph: Everett Collection/Rex Features

Other than his deep baritone voice perfect for blues music, Elvis Presley was known as a total performer who constantly gyrated his hips on stage in front of his adoring fans. The Guardian even documented how the whole ‘Elvis the Pelvis’ became a massive hit on national television back in the day.

Looking back at the history books of blues and music in general, it’s amazing to think how TV decision-makers used to cut his live performances from the waist down to sensor his seductive moves. This persona opened the doors for Elvis to try his hand in ventures outside the usual music, television, and film industries.

It’s safe to say that up to this day, Elvis Presley’s spirit lives on in the hearts of people all over the world. More than the famous impersonators who reside in bars and casinos in Las Vegas, Elvis’ allure is reflected by the ventures of various industries of the present day.

As a testament to Elvis Presley’s transcendental influence, many game developers have incorporated his image and likeness in their titles. From ClayFighter’s 8-bit character

Blue Suede Goo is a fashionable Elvis Impersonator, sporting the Elvis jacket, the Elvis hairstyle, and a hefty beer gut. His unique attacks include a sword chop with his hair and music notes used as projectiles. Blue Suede Goo’s name comes from Elvis’s famous hit Blue Suede Shoes. Unfortunately, Blue Suede Goo’s legacy is short lived in the claw fighter franchise as he only appears in the original clay fighter

Elvis the King Lives slots game on Slingo

Blue Suede Goo, to an Elvis the King Lives slots game on Slingo, his identity constantly captures the hearts of this generation. So much so that even his style becomes the basis of not just musicians, but also fashion mavens.

Millions of people recognize how Elvis Presley is and will always be the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and even blues music, but not many are aware just how prominently he’s considered by some as a bona fide style icon. He has this iconic image that can still be pegged in today’s contemporary menswear.

From a fashion standpoint, Elvis Presley can be deemed as the Lady Gaga of yesteryears. He usually donned outlandish clothes during performances that generated interest and influenced men’s street wear. In essence, throughout this era, if someone saw a person walking down a street wearing a pink ensemble, more often than not, the King inspired him.

Additionally, Elvis Presley used to wear casual suits and customized shirts, as well as handmade jewelry, which complemented his slick brushed up hair. This, back then and today will forever be considered trendy. Moreover, Elvis had a simple yet fashionable take in terms of sporting leather jackets. Lastly, according to the fan-made website, Elvis the Icon, the reason why he wasn’t fond of wearing denim jeans was that it reminded him of being poor.

All in all, Elvis Presley’s sound runs parallel to his style. Fans can hear hints of his signature rock ‘n’ roll and blues tunes in many solo artists, bands, and music groups. His look, on the flipside, continues to inspire fashion savants in such a way that it continues to be one of the main pegs of a practical vintage appearance.

Like how he was on stage, Elvis Presley had his way of encouraging everyone to wear what made them feel good and comfortable. This is why he’ll eternally be an icon in television, film, and fashion, but more so in music.

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