New album from Randy Hansen, All originals!

"Its as if Jimi Is still around to the delight of my ears and my mind But yet, it is still very Randy Hansen"


      “Its as if Jimi Is still around to the delight of my ears and my mind But yet, it is still very Randy Hansen”

                                                                                                  ~ Wayne Rinehart Executive Editor Blues-E-News Magazine

I received a wonderful new album today from Randy Hansen, most notably known for his Guitar Virtuoso sound and interpretation of Jimi Hendrix. Randy has made a career out of performing Hendrix covers, and he sounds very much like the master artist Jimi Hendrix both vocally and on guitar. Yes maybe the Link name was a bit misleading, sorry about that. Yes it was a selfish ploy to grab your eyes and navigate them over to this article.  But in reality it’s not too far fetched to imagine this could be true as the two bands (Floyd and Hendrix) actually toured and performed at the same venues even at the same concert! You see this album has flavors of Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and hints of David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen. But yet, it is still very “Randy Hansen”! 

As I sit here listening to the album I imagine I’m listening to new Hendrix recordings. Its as if Jimi Is still around to the delight of my ears and my mind. The album one of the first albums by Randy featuring his own music in many years is an audiovisual field trip of the mind where Randy takes us to this amusement park. The Park rides and exhibits are the songs. It’s almost like an audio short story or musical.. lol.. I know I’m probably thinking too much into this.. Let me just say, it’s a great CD and I enjoyed it very much, And am still listening to it!

One interesting note about the album, ALL the instruments (track by track) were played and recorded by Randy. The entire album all but one song where Randy’s son plays drums. The album was also mixed by Randy and mastered by Ufo Walter in Germany.

I asked Randy’s PR/productions person, agent and friend Kevin Fillo a few short questions.. I was really curious about the album art and the cover. The Album art has some great drawings and the cover, well at first glance was a little creepy.. lol

Take a listen to this teaser of the title track.. It’s a great example of what your in for.. enjoy, “Fun Town” Randy Hansen

4260075861159_600Funtown Back Cover 1 (1) Layout 1

Here’s the short interview:


Sent by Wayne Rinehart

I love it.. The more I listen the more I like it too..
I love the amusement park theme as well
curious what the backstory is on the album and the concept..
Kevin Fillo
Wayne, happy to hear you like it! Like you said the influences are very obvious, and most importantly it’s the first album of Randy’s music that he has loved!
It all started when Randy was sitting in my living room and we were watching the news and the newly rebuilt New Jersey boardwalk was on fire. He told me to grab my camera and take a picture and the cover is the photo I took on my TV screen, of course with a little effect added. He was then inspired to create this album with this theme of fun town, where you’re the boss and you make up the rides and anything is possible! It really all came to him in the moment of watching the broadcast here in my living room that day. He is truly more talented than you may ever know, in that case then I may ever know either!
Kevin Fillo
He also made all those amazing drawings that are the artwork for the album

Sent by Wayne Rinehart

i thought he might have drawn those.. they are great!

Sent by Wayne Rinehart

I’d rather see his drawings on the cover and the picture inside with that story you just told me.. just my opinion.. lol.. but love it!
So the influences I hear.. Pink floyd meets Hendrix with David Lee Roth.. lol.. what other influences am i missing.. IT’s still very uniquely Randy as well..
Kevin Fillo
Well there’s also a little Joe Walsh in fight em by myself…. I would also say a little Alice in chains in the song…the pain. And overall somehow I feel some Frank Zappa! But as you say, it is very Randy Hansen! And of course the heavy Pink Floyd and Van Halen along with Hendrix that you already mentioned.
 Wayne, Thank you so much when for your help in spreading the word, you do an amazing thing thereby friend!

Sent by Wayne Rinehart My pleasure Kevin. Can you tell us when the CD will be released to the world and any tours Randy Has coming up?

Kevin Fillo
Again Thank You for all you do to Help!
Your a Solid Dude!
It is Released now in Europe through Jazzhaus Records and it’s distributors  and we will be selling it live on our upcoming tour. 
It will be released in the USA in Early December through us @ plus our distributors and all live shows!
Here are the dates of our upcoming tour:

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`FUNTOWN`  European Tour 2015

29.10.15 DE-Plauen, Malzhaus

30.10.15 DE-Berlin, Quasimodo

31.10.15 DE-Neuruppin, Kulturhaus

02.11.15 AT-Wels, Alter Schlachthof

03.11.15 DE-München, Backstage

04.11.15 DE-Aschaffenburg, Colos Saal

05.11.15 DE-Bensheim, Musiktheater Rex

06.11.15 DE-Scala, Leverkusen

07.11.15 DE-Ahlen, Schuhfabrik

10.11.15 DE-Halle, Objekt 5

11.11.15 DE-Hamburg, Downtown

12.11.15 DE-Essen, Turock

13.11.15 DE-Freiburg, Jazzhaus

14.11.15 DE-Freudenburg, Ducsaal

17.11.15 DE-Regensburg, Alte Mälzerei

18.11.15 DE-Nürnberg, Hirsch

19.11.15 NL-Arnhem, Luxor

20.11.15 NL-Gebouw T, Bergen op Zoom

21.11.15 NL-Deventer, Burgerweeshuis

22.11.15 NL-Tilburg, 013

Here is a release from the Record Company:
LogoRH_NewExperience Clear Purple small.jpg

On his upcoming European tour Randy Hansen will play a mixture of a “Jimi Hendrix Classic Show” and songs he wrote himself for his first studio album release titled “Funtown” in over eleven years. On the album the guitarist and singer surprises you with spherical sounds à la Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa, and also innovative sounds à la Jimi Hendrix. “It was nothing more than laziness, that it took about a decade to release my fourth solo album.” revealed the American. “However, I have composed, played, recorded and produced all songs by myself (except “The Pain” where my son Desmond plays the drums) in my home Studio.” The title “Funtown” “is a fictional amusement park where each visitor can do everything he desires. In this respect, my politically motivated love songs are nothing more than reality become fantasy. “Stylistically”, remains the left-hander, who is from Seattle like Jimi Hendrix faithful: “This record is not different from the albums before, but it keeps the path continuing, “because I can just write in the way which is typical for me.”. Does Randy want to create himself as an independent artist with his fourth solo album apart from interpreting Hendrix? “No, because I’ll always play Jimi’s music. But I am no longer a tribute act, as it is more like an orchestra that performs the great works of classical music.”

Live on stage he is combining his own compositions with “The Best Of Hendrix”. “We are changing the setlist every night a bit,” said the 60-year-old. “Only the classical songs of course remain in the program. We also play a lot of songs that Jimi never presented live on stage. But I do not copy his songs note by note. I interpret the songs rather as he would – in my opinion – play them today. In his songs there is a lot of good advice – about how to spend your life and how to enjoy it! The things about which he wrote, revolved mostly around people’s happiness and how to achieve peace of mind.”. This view expands Randy Hansen now even on his new album “Funtown”: “You should not impose restrictions to yourself – nothing is impossible!”


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  • Fred
    15 October 2015 at 2:46 pm

    Jimi’s brother is working on some recordings and will perform later this month at the Whiskey.