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High Quality beautiful Printed magazine with Vibrant, FULL color EVERY PAGE! Thick glossy pages even thicker cover that is laminated and bound not stapled. This is a printed magazine you’ll want to keep around for years to come. Many people say it’s the classiest Blues publication in print. Made in the US and printed locally by humans here in California. 
Please click on the magazine to order online version and read now or click here to order you printed magazine and if you do you get our online digital version at no additional fee. 
New printed issues take about two weeks to get ordered and printed as we wait to build up an order to reach min requirements with our printer. We only order a small amount of extras to sell.  A second printing or third is only after enough magazines are ordered to meet the min… so order your copy now! Order now! min with the printer. We try and keep a few on hand and order more when the demand is there!