Oddfellow Effects is a brand new guitar effects company based out of Riverside Ca.

by Dave Widow

Oddfellow Effects is a brand new guitar effects company based out of Riverside Ca.
The “Caveman Drive” pedal has stirred up quite a bit of talk on the web as well as the industry guys are all talking about it. So after meeting Jon at the January 2014 NAMM show here in L.A. I decided to try one out for myself to see what all the buzz was about.

I pulled the unit out of it’s fur-lined box, my first thoughts were, wow, what interesting packaging. After plugging into it, right off the bat I noticed that the pedal has an extreme gain range to it. In other words, it operates as a clean boost, high gain overdrive, and everything else in between. And it produces all of them really well. The tones this pedal produces are extremely “amp-like”. I’m kind of “old school” in the sense that I don’t use pedals because its always difficult for me to find ones that have the kind of organic sound that I want. This is one of the first distortion pedals to really catch and hold my attention since it sounds like a high quality cranked amp. Although most overdrive pedals claim to do that, this is one pedal that really accomplishes this. With most high gain pedals, many vaguely imitate a preamp tube type distortion-not power tube distortion and you also usually lose a bit of clarity in the process. This pedal does a great job of retaining your guitars own sound, without the usual false coloration found in the vast majority of pedals on the market. One thing I read online, and I can attest to is that the Caveman Drive really feels amazing! It’s hard to explain completely in words, but it’s something you’ll have to play to experience. On top of all that, the second foot switch in the Caveman Drive is a boost that works when the overdrive is engaged. The unique thing about the boost is how it raises your volume level as well as adding a bit of additional gain-enough to give you a little more push to cut through the band during a solo.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this pedal sounds very good with hum-buckers, single coils and the P-90 equipped guitars I used to try it out, thats not always the case, as sometimes pedals seem to work better with certain pickups.
Oddfellow started selling the Caveman Drive about 6 months ago, and they’ve already made their way onto some extremely well known artists stages.
I highly recommend the Oddfellow Caveman drive for anyone looking for realistic amp tones ranging from a slightly distorted boost to a full on overdriven sound. My hats off to Jon at Oddfellow for creating such realistic and usable tones in this versatile pedal.


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