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Review: Anthony Gomes
Anthony Gomes by Catherine Hernandez Faber

Catherine Hernandez Faber

Anthony Gomes, the name is poignant and powerful and electrifies the blues. His grace of stage power is only shadowed by the raw talent of the sound that electrifies the air from the stroke of perfection that escapes his fingers across the strings in flawless motion. His facial expressions are depth of his soul for the feel of his blues. For nearly 20 years plus, I and others have had the honor of watching this young man grow and explode. He never disappoints anyone who listens and he always and respectfully honors those who came before him. What he may not realise fully acknowledge is that he is one of the leaders that carry a torch for the Blues. His blessings and gift are what separate him and escalate him further on up the Blues road. He is a mentor to the younger generation and royalty to the current court of string slingers of this generation. 
Anthony Gomes, and his band, Carlton Armstrong and Fred Spencer, are a trifecta of solid, core tightness that is undeniably a force of gracious and genuine blues .. that is bad and beautiful. 
Make sure you bring your dancing shoes and a bible to his shows, you will be moving and swaying and giving thanks in a very funky, bluesy way!

It was incredibly great to see you all and get a funky fix! 
Peace, Love and Blues! 
 Catherine Hernandez Faber

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