The Blues:  Now a Game for more than artists!

The BLUES has made its way into the Gaming world! An interesting concept that may prove to bring a younger generation to the Genre. ‘Delta Legend – Magic of...

The BLUES has made its way into the Gaming world! An interesting concept that may prove to bring a younger generation to the Genre. ‘Delta Legend – Magic of the Blues’ is a fantasy action RPG set deep in the myths and folklore which surround Blues Music. “The game has already been 18 months in the making and has undergone various iterations in order to refine concept, narrative and aesthetics. We have just launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise the funding which we need to develop the game to completion and would like to generate media interest in the project.” Says a representative at Gut Games Studio in Dublin, Ireland.

BW: Tell us a little more about your game:

GUT: We believe that Delta Legend is an exciting and utterly original project which should stand out as being creatively significant, as well as being a polished product which is a pleasure to engage-with and play.

BW: I love the idea and concept, But Why the blues as a game?

GUT: We feel that Delta Legend is unique and beautiful for a number of reasons…

BW: OK, you have my attention.. lol..

GUT: The game is filled with engaging and mysterious characters, all carefully portrayed in a surreal and beguiling art-style.

Delta Legend also demonstrates an ability to compliment the contemporary art of game design with the timeless art of the Blues and has a core ambition to create an energetic collaboration between two creative communities – Game Developers and Musicians. 


The above strengths are further complimented by fantastic open-world environments and exciting missions – dueling with demons and cutting deals at the crossroads.


Delta Legend explores new territory within the videogame genre – it’s a game about Blues Music and the culture which surrounds it which can be enjoyed on multiple levels.


The game’s development will also involve an open collaboration with blues musicians to create a soundtrack which is fully integrated with the gaming experience, bringing the Blues to life for a new audience.

BW: I like the sound of that. Id love more information on what that means. (I need to follow up with GUT to get the scoop on what this means.. Something was lost in transmission of our conversation).

Although the game means actual demons, we all have many demons to face in the real world. I’m not sure what to think really about the Blues as a game. But I love the opportunity to reach new audiences and further the Genre! The blues is a feeling, a way of life. Not always a bad or sad thing… So I can’t wait to try out the game.

We invite you to please review Delta Legend’s Promotional Campaign at the following link: Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on Gut Game Studio or ‘Delta Legend – Magic of the Blues’. The project will be live on Kickstarter for 45 days from 29th of December 2015.


About this project

Delta Legend tells the story of three little demons who have peacefully played muse to the realm of humans as long as memory serves. When their lives are drastically changed following the overthrow of their home-realm, Pandemonium, they must enlist the help of a troubled bluesman to restore order both in human and demon worlds.

Capable of crossing back and forth at the crossroads, the place where two worlds meet, the band must use the power of music to defeat enemies and complete quests. Each member of the gang has a unique musical talent as well as a set of powerful combat spells that must be mastered and used against enemies.

Switch between the special powers of human and demon as you play this game of adventure and sounds. Travel between the realms while perfecting your musical skills through both deals and deceptions. Overthrow tyranny and become the Delta Legend, as the prophecy foretold.

       “The Blues is the roots. Everything else is the fruits.”     -Willie Dixon

Blues Music, and the folklore which surrounds it, forms the creative heart of Delta Legend. The game is our attempt to use the contemporary art of game design to celebrate the timeless art of the blues.The great blues myths and legends have provided a rich resource to draw upon with the crossroads as the nexus of the human and demon worlds, and music as the conduit which joins them.

More importantly, Blues music itself has a living presence within the game. The player must collect music and perfect his skills in order to advance, with music being the core means by which you can enchant or defeat opponents. Insights about the greatest blues artists are also feature in the game and many characters and quests you have to face are somehow inspired by their stories.

Delta Legend hopes to apply the same passion and artistry to the art of game making as those great musicians who inspire us do to their music. We also hope to reach out and collaborate with a wider community of blues artists, to record a truly special soundtrack to accompany players on their journey.

This is why the Kickstarter community is so important to us. It provides a platform within a multi-disciplinary creative community from which we can launch this collaborative process. Kickstarter backing would not only mean that we would have the resources we need to develop Delta Legend, it would demonstrate peoples’ support for a game where visual design and music go hand in hand.

Success in our Kickstarter campaign would not just be financial, it would lend legitimacy and provide a position from which we could approach those musicians whose creative input would take Delta Legend to the next level.

 Help us bring real bluesmen to our fantasy world!

These are the four main playable characters of Delta Legend. Along the way you’ll meet more characters to join your party.

Believed to be the prophesied savior of Pandemonium. Clues left by the ancient sound spirits indicate that he could be the direct reincarnation of a powerful Delta Guitar Blues Legend that used to gig with Shorty back in the day. He is the main protagonist, the only human in the gang and the mystery behind the origins of his skill set is revealed throughout the game.

Shorty is a harmonica master and a former soul trader from Kuswakala, a village of Fire Hellions located in the south of Pandemonium. He has been ostracized, as most of his village have declared allegiance to Beezeelee Bubba.  Fire Hellions are known for their ability to magically control the element of fire and are notorious for their love and appetite for Gumbo. They have a great sense of humor and once you have conquered their respect they’ll become loyal friends and even let aside any bargain or debt you may have with them. Fire Hellions have trained and played side by side with some of the greatest myths of the blues harmonica. Shorty’s combat skill set evolves into an intrinsic tree of incendiary and explosive magic attacks.

Master of percussion and rhythm Sonso is a quiet one. One of the very few Lemon Head Fiends left he has powerful seismic powers, a sorcery cultivated and perfected among the Ancient Drummer Fiends. Story goes that once a Lemon Head Fiend was tricked by a human and lost his own soul at the crossroads so naive and nice he was. Because they are so gentle they are mocked by most other kinds of demons.However, this paradoxical personality trait plays an important balance factor in Pandemonium, and this is something that Beezeelee Bubba is very aware of. When gathered, experienced Fiends can bring down castles, mountains and entire villages with their seismic magic and this potential is what Beezeelee secretly fears. Sonso’s magic abilities ascend from seismic blows and drumstick lighting bolts as well as powerful spells such as the Arcane Sight and the Mirage Arcana.

Often the voice of reason within the group, Wern is the heir of the arcane blue flame and raiser of the electrical mist. A member of a royal family of Adharcuarthas, this curved horned devil was never inclined for the nobility. These goat looking creatures inhabit the higher mountains of Pandemonium, which are spread around the south-east and north. Their villages are known for being very prolific and great places to gather resources, find new missions or to buy and sell souls. They are famed for holding a secret treasure of thousands of bottled souls, needless to say that Beezeelee Bubba’s eyes are all over it. A bottled soul is one of the most valuable items in Pandemonium and they are used as a currency in all villages. Aside from being an ace when playing the bass, Wern’s sorcerer abilities include spells like the Scorching Ray, the Glitterdust, the Bestow Curse and a lot more.

"I've a feeling we're gonna become fast friends!"
“I’ve a feeling we’re gonna become fast friends!”

All characters can equip items such as magical weapons and musical instruments. Once the party is formed you can switch between characters and your friends will follow you along. Though the main plot is driven by these four guys, we have devised over a hundred different types of demons and be sure that the number of friends in your party will increase during the game. The missions are scattered around the open worlds and there are multiple outcomes depending on how you choose to develop your character skills and interests. Experience points are gathered by battling creatures and dueling demons with your instrument- and that is what really defines the narrative of the game as it develops.

Open World

Most of the game is set within Pandemonium, a complex world cut by many roads and sprinkled with the villages of all sorts of demons and creatures. You can also cross back to the real world at any time, to a small little town by the delta of the Mississippi river, via the dimension portals opened by the Gatekeeper: Leekbak. There you can bring the songs you pieced together in Pandemonium and try to get a record deal among other missions.

Pandemonium has over 30 villages and over 100 types of demons, not to mention other creatures and enemies. It is a fantastic world built by us where all demons can play music. Yes, we’re heavily influenced by early D&D games. However, we have created a whole universe of our own and as the player navigates through it we hope to recreate that nostalgic feeling of bonding between character and player as the plot is unveiled. Aside from villages there are a number of caves, weird demon castles lakes and many dangerous roads. Mysterious characters that can lead you to secret missions and magical items are everywhere.

Delta City forms the human realm and is where we placed a lot of insights into Blues and Blues Folklore. Names of blues legends are sometimes brought up in conversations and insights about different types of Blues and its variations will be made available to the player. A number of missions are also available here. As the game play develops and the characters gain more experience and learn new songs they can cut a deal with the local record label and slowly piece together a vinyl record*. Success in Pandemonium means success in Delta City, meaning that if you want to be an accomplished bluesman you have to help your demon friends to defeat Beezeelee Bubba.

*Check out our gift rewards to see how to get your own Delta Legend Original Soundtrack Vinyl Record delivered to you anywhere in the world.

Delta City: light, colors and a record deal.
Delta City: light, colors and a record deal.

Delta City is a colorful world, full of contrast and light in comparison to Pandemonium. The main protagonist is wanted by the law over there so you better dress up in a damn fine suit and choose a cool bluesman name if you want to stay out of trouble. Aside from the record shop, Delta City also has the local juke joints, where you can go on stage and play the songs you’ve gathered so far. Money made there has no value in Pandemonium so you’ll do much better if you buy magical items from the voodoo doctor -or if you purchase other stuff loved by demons- such as dice, liquor and good cigars so you can sell or trade in Pandemonium.

To cross over between dimensions you’ll need to find Leegbak and figure out when and where the portals will be opened. Leegbak has a difficult personality and sometimes he will request things from you and ask you to take on missions. It is not very clear who he stands with- at least not at the beginning. As Beezeelee Bubba’s eyes stretch to his magical portals he becomes aware of the dangers brought by the mad tyrant.

Mountains north of Pandemonium.
Mountains north of Pandemonium.

There is a lot hidden in the underground of Pandemonium. In fact, many of the villages lie underneath the surface. Many castles hold entrances to these places and most are guarded by a boss. Sometimes the only way to defeat these demons is via musical duel. When that happens sometimes your party will be required to play along if the guardian demon you’re dueling also has a band. Individual duels can also take place all around Pandemonium within the duel arenas and is a great way of gaining experience points, leveling up your charisma and upgrading the level for the instrument your characters are carrying.

In scale Pandemonium is a much larger world and is where most of the game takes place. Traveling to certain places can be challenging at the start and many areas will have to be cleared by the player before the fast travel points are made available.

Cleaning up the mess: demons set loose in Delta City.
Cleaning up the mess: demons set loose in Delta City.

Third Person/Free Camera  

The game has a third person camera that orbits freely around the currently selected character. You can then switch between the characters you have selected to form your following party, which you do before every mission you start or at the designated spots in the area you are currently in.


Sorcery is the main weapon of the player. All characters are gifted with sorcerer abilities and can cast all sorts of spells to fight enemies. There are two trees of power within the settings of the characters that need to be constructed by the player. The player must choose when and where to use the experience points and what branch of sorcery to gradually develop.

The musical abilities can be used to hypnotize devils whose musical level is not as high as yours. Specially crafted instruments can also control enemies and higher level bosses with great effect. The player gets to choose which is the best strategy to utilize when facing a situation: music or sorcery.

The Bluesman duels a demon in the north of Pandemonium: Magical combat followed by musical combat.
The Bluesman duels a demon in the north of Pandemonium: Magical combat followed by musical combat.

Both tactics require mechanical engagement from the player. When fighting more powerful enemies the player will always be confronted with both forms of combat. Experience points can be distributed and a number of skills can be gradually learnt and unlocked in both areas.


Most of the spells are ballistic or require that the player aim at what is intended to be attacked.The player needs to be mechanically engaged at all times as the combats involve a lot of action and movement.

Aside from basic moves ( walk, run and jump) you’ll also need to use magical shields at the right moments and dodge whatever attack is coming your way.

The main protagonist for instance,carries a shotgun and as the game progresses a series of other weapons can be equipped while he develops his Delta Legend guitar skills.

Level up

By defeating demons and creatures, completing missions, discovering new areas and making new friends you can gather experience points and then use them to develop any branch of sorcery available for each character. Initiating combat with a higher level demon is bad business and you better be sure you are prepared to take on certain missions before you embark on them.

Chance and probability are a playing factor in the game as well so beating a more experienced demon is not ruled out.Not all demons are aggressive so the player has options to explore. Conversing with them can lead you to recruit new playable characters, side missions, secret items,etc.

All demons can play an instrument and their musical class level and sorcery level can vary, its up to the player to figure out what to get from them. By clearing villages and making allegiances you can gain points on charisma and lower the aggression level on certain demons. By doing so you gradually gain the option to dialog with more creatures.

Upon developing all branches of magic and instrument skills your demon will reach its Delta capacity and mutate into a different and more powerful creature. A new tree of skills will then be available.

When on the road you can also use a vehicle. The Smooth Rider can be equipped with new weapons and gradually upgraded and customized. It also has a unique radio station playing some bad ass deep blues straight out of Pandemonium.

Delta Legend is a dream project that has been on the make since 2013. Passion, persistence and dedication have, so far, been the pillars to keep this dream alive. However, as we have reached the point of full conceptual development, the process of bringing the game to life is beginning to place greater demands on the team’s resources.

The project is ambitious in its scope as well as in its dedication to creating something unique and beautiful. To do justice to what we have planned so meticulously will require time and funding. As Shorty says, ‘The devils in the details!’, and your support will allow us to expand our team and dedicate ourselves fully to describing those details that make good games such enjoyable experiences.

We aim to create a professional product which, although independent and artistic, has been polished to a level which would see it played on multiple mainstream platforms such as PS4. We feel that contemporary game design has many facets and has much to offer artistically as well having value as entertainment. We ask for your support to help us create this unique story which bring together gripping game play, enchanting visuals and timeless music.

Delta Legend is currently being developed by a core team of 2 at Gut Games Studio in Dublin, Ireland. We are hoping to include an accomplished blues musician as sound director if our campaign is successful.

Risks and challenges

We are aware that creating a game is a difficult, complex and resource heavy task. We are also aware of the workload which this undertaking implies – particularly as we have a core team of two people. However, we are confident that we have a significant body of work already in place, and drawing upon this will certain alleviate some of the pressure as we move forward with the project. We have created a clear road-map for the project which covers both the high concepts and the more mechanical details.

This will allow us to operate as decisively as possible, and to be as efficient as possible when it comes to backers’ money. While our team is small, this can also be a strength as it brings clarity of vision and personal passion to the project. Backers can rest assured that we will match their support pound-for -pound with hard work and dedication.


Executive Editor, publisher and creator of Blues-E-News Wayne Rinehart
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