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Big Wayne Rinehart Executive Editor and Publisher as well as Musicina

Big Wayne Rinehart Executive Editor and Publisher as well as Musicina

Executive Editor, publisher and creator of Blues-E-News

Wayne Rinehart


My name is Big Wayne I am the creator of www.LiveBluesTonight.com (started in 2009 and currently being rebuilt as a video streaming service of live and recorded music) and the editor of www.Blues-E-News.com also creater of several other websites and apps. For Blues-E-News I am the managing editor, content finder, graphics editor and webmaster and  I write! My articles range from reviews on music equipment, bands and CDs! But, I also love cooking so I occasionally write about that and try to include stuff about music and being frugal as well as green alternatives.


I am an inventor, craftsman, Communications Engineer, artist and a musician! I love to create! Either new ideas and products or just working with my hands and creating art. I love making things and fixing stuff! But most of all I love Jesus and my family and my country, in that order!

As a musician I sing and Play the trumpet. As an artist I like to paint with oils pastels and digital media. I also like to create with Clay, metal and wood. I like to garden and cook. I make stuff! some great ideas that should make me rich but dont have the budget and some stuff I make takes all the budget so the good ideas don’t come to be..lol. I studied Electronics and music performance in college, but have extensive knowledge in building and Construction and an expert in communications and technology systems. I grew up in a creative environment that was always thinking outside of the box!

Musically I have had some short run success and have learned allot about what to do and not to do. My old band was on the top sellers list for California in 2004 at tower records (remember them) and that brought us a lot of opportunities including airplay and opening for famous artists.

I am currently devoting most of my time trying to shake the blues community into a more bright and lively future for indie artists. so I’m not out playing my horn or singing like i’d like.. instead I’m building a future for all, in the blues. Just trying to do my part to secure a future in the blues. I believe in a Givers Gain mentality. the more I give the more I will some day receive. By helping others music careers I am securing my future and getting my own name out there at the same time. This “giver gain” moto is the driving force behind the magazine and, almost everything I do in life!

My diverse interests from graphic arts, cooking, creative arts, to inventing to building, love of tools and crafts, to welding and soldering, to painting and carving, to wiring and then writing, to performing music and critiquing, then tweaking and refining, and the list goes on….